Food is medicine.

Let me show you how to unleash your body’s capacity to prevent, treat and heal disease, using delicious, natural foods and a holistic approach to wellness. It’s not hard, but it does take persistence, patience and belief in your body’s natural wisdom. I’ll take the body’s wisdom over “conventional medicine” any day! How about you?

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Is Your Body Feeling Weak? Invest In Some Good Stock!

Stock contains a wealth of nutrients that help support the body on a deep level, all the way down to the bones!

Can You Hear What Your Body is Saying to You?

Nutritional science, as well as medical science, is young. We need to incorporate intuition to help us cut through the nonsense so we can hear what our body is saying it needs.


What's to Eat?

Creamy Hummus

I love hummus - it's such a great snack! Try this yummy recipe.

Baked Apples with Nuts and Raisins

It's apple season! Try this yummy dessert.


What's New?

Nourishing Thyroid Health Program Begins

Tues 10/21 Tired of struggling with your thyroid condition? Join me in this enlightening and educational 4 month program on thyroid health.

NEW! Nourishing Adrenal Health DVD

1h 24m • Includes DVD & 6 page PDF guide. It is estimated that 80% of adult Americans suffer from adrenal fatigue at some point in their life...


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