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Accessing A Deeper Truth For Healing the Body

In modern medicine, physicians look to the physical condition first and treat that as if it is the sole cause of a diseased condition. The root cause of many conditions probably did NOT begin in the physical realm. It's time to go deeper!

Do You Grow Your Own Food? It’s a Very Smart Idea. Here’s Why…

Most of us are under the impression that all food is available at all times throughout the year – and that’s not true. Fruit and vegetables are naturally rotated throughout the seasons. Eating the same food all year round, regardless of the season it grows, can actually damage your digestive terrain.

What’s to Eat?

Yasou Greek Salad!

I love the international flavors of various foods. Like this Yasou Greek Salad. Yasou means... to your health!

Watermelon and Cherry Tomato Salad with Summer Herbs

It's summertime! Enjoy this cool, refreshing watermelon and cherry tomato salad. It's a mouthful of sweet and savory chill time.

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Helpful Herbs for Thyroid and Adrenal Health

Tuesday, September 22nd @ 8PM ET Many people today are suffering with thyroid conditions and are over-prescribed and suffering with negative side effects from those medications. Sign Up Now

Use These Top Tips to Create Your Health Coaching Business!

Wednesday, August 26th @ 8PM Eastern Time Share your voice, and your vision of health, with the world! Join my LIVE webinar so you can create a successful health coaching business.  Sign Up Now