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Do you want to prevent winter ailments? Here’s how…

To help you make it through this sniffling and aching season here are my top three herbs and some tips to keep your immune system strong to help ward off those winter bugs and pathogens.

“What Type of Work Do You Do?”

First and foremost, I’m an educator about quality of food and the effects it has on our health and well being. But, it goes deeper than that.

What’s to Eat?

Herbed Roasted Vegetables

Herbs, vegetables, salt and oil... are all the ingredients you need for the perfect side dish this holiday season!

Azuki Bean Miso Soup with Vegetables

For those folks that have "soy" allergies, here's an awesome miso soup using Azuki Beans instead of Soy. This healing soup is a great way to start the day.

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Boosting Winter Health

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Cooking to Boost Winter Health

Wednesday December 16, 2015 Join my lunch and learn! This demo and lecture will cover:How to cook delicious recipes that work to nourish your body Sign Up Now