It’s Thyroid Awareness Month. Here’s What You Need to Know

The thyroid secretes hormone that is responsible for metabolism of oxygen and glucose. Without oxygen and glucose our cells won't get the energy they need to thrive.

Are You Interested In Health? Me Too!

After healing my condition, I was so inspired! I wanted to learn everything I could about natural healing and teach that to other people so they wouldn’t have to suffer with unnecessary surgery.

Are You Looking For a Recipe to Heal Your Condition? It’s NOT That Easy!

I’ve got plenty of easy recipes that would highly benefit healing conditions, but you have to do some digging on your end and make simple adjustments.

Exercise Is a GREAT Way to Get Healthy, But Too Much Can Do the Opposite!

If you are over-exercising and not doing enough restorative activities as well, you could drain your body’s deep energy reserves and you will naturally start slowing down.

Can You Hear What Your Body is Saying to You?

Nutritional science, as well as medical science, is young. We need to incorporate intuition to help us cut through the nonsense so we can hear what our body is saying it needs.

Suffering from Thyroid Disease? Try These Herbal Remedies.

While my clients go through the process of healing their thyroid, I highly recommend herbal tinctures and plant medicines for support. Here are a few...

Are Animal Products Good For Healing?

Many foods from both the animal and vegetable kingdoms can be delicious, nutritious and health promoting, but if eaten in excess can do more harm than good.

Be Smart About Using Sea Vegetables…

I know sea vegetables may be foreign to some of you, but they can be a wise addition to a healing diet. Just be careful about from where you source them.

Can You Eat Too Many Vegetables? Yes, You Can!

If you are feeling cold, consider eating less vegetables, and certainly less RAW vegetables, until your body rebalances itself and warms up.

Are Beans Healthy? They Can Be If You Follow These Steps…

Beans often get a bad rap because folks have difficulty digesting them, but there are many reasons for that.