Reclaim Your Energy: An Adrenal Support Cooking Class

Mon 2/9/15 @ 6:30pm NYC Learn about foods that can exacerbate or soothe the adrenals and how simple lifestyle adjustments can reduce stress from the inside. Register Now

Enhancing Heart Health

Friday 2/20/15 @ 12:30pm EDT. It is estimated that over 80 million in the US are suffering with some form of heart disease. A good way to support heart health is to reduce or eliminate foods that contribute to stress, poor immunity, and overgrowth of bacteria. Sign Up Now

Nourishing Thyroid Health

Tues 3/3/15 @ 6:30pm • NYC Learn what environmental factors can cause thyroid disease, how proper diet can protect us, which “healthy” foods actually slow down or speed up thyroid function, and how Andrea successfully reversed her own “incurable” thyroid disease.

Making the Most of Herbs in the Kitchen

Sun 3/15/15 @ Time: 2:15-3:45PM • Just Food Conference 2015 • NYC
Andrea will be hosting a 90 minute workshop covering how you can make the most out of herbs in your kitchen. Learn to use culinary and medicinal herbs in delicious recipes, healing decoctions and infusions. Many common herbs have surprising health benefits that support the immune system and nervous system, as well as increase overall nutrition and enhance the flavor of food.

Conference programming will cover over 40 different topics including farm and food policy issues, approaches to urban agriculture, culinary and food preservation techniques, and community-driven efforts to advance food justice throughout New York City.

Am I Toxic?

Thursday, March 19th, 2015 @ 8:00 PM EST. Your organ systems may be overloaded with toxins! Join me in a 1 HOUR FREE webinar on how to best support your body’s natural detoxification process to help alleviate chronic conditions. Sign Up Now

Love Your Liver

Friday, March 26, 2015. The liver breaks down the fat-soluble toxins in your blood and sends them on their way to be excreted by the kidneys.
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Healing Candia

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 @12:30 PM EDT. Candida Albicans is the helpful yeast that thrive in a healthy human gut assisting in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Sign Up Now

Nourishing Thyroid Health Program

April 14th through July 7th, 2015 . Nourishing Thyroid Health is a 4-month online program that helps learners reclaim their energy and naturally balance their thyroid Sign Up Now

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