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6:30pm EST
Reclaim Your Energy: An Adrenal Support Cooking Class

Wed 7/16 Learn about specific foods that can exacerbate or soothe the adrenals and how simple lifestyle adjustments can reduce stress from the inside.

The Natural Gourmet
48 West 21st St # 2
New York, NY 10010-7317
(212) 645-5170



6:30pm EST
Nourishing Thyroid Health

Wed 8/6/14 @ 6:30pm • NYC Learn what environmental factors can cause thyroid disease, how proper diet can protect us, which “healthy” foods actually slow down or speed up thyroid function, and how Andrea successfully reversed her own “incurable” thyroid disease.

The Natural Gourmet
48 West 21st St # 2
New York, NY 10010-7317
(212) 645-5170



7pm EST
Thrive: Create the life of your dreams

Thurs 8/21/14 @ 7pm • Online Tune into Andrea’s LIVE webinar on Health is Wealth – how to eat quality food and lead a rewarding life without breaking the bank.

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Master Coaching in Action Program Begins

Tues 9/22 Are YOU ready to put your passion and knowledge of health coaching into ACTION and create a Sustainable and Successful Business?

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Nourishing Thyroid Health Program Begins

Tues 10/21 Tired of struggling with your thyroid condition? Join me in this enlightening and educational 4 month program on thyroid health.

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Free Resources

  • Be Well Bites with Jamie Relei: Health is Wealth – Make a Delicious Investment in You with Andrea Beaman
  • Free audio! Andrea joins Dr. David Friedman, To Your Good Health Radio, to discuss how some of the foods you think of as “healthy” can actually damage your body. She'll take on the TOP 5 foods we've been misled about. Beaman shares how to get the real facts about the foods you eat and how to make the right choices for your body.
  • See Andrea in action – on Fed Up!, Wise Up! or YouTube
  • Learn it Live – Online Classes Watch these pre-recorded classes. Get 25-30% off with these coupon codes!
  • The Wisdom of Seasonal Eating (free audio with downloadable presentation)
    Ancient healers understood the inner workings of the body and could alter the progression of disease by returning their patients to a balanced condition. They did this by re-aligning patients with their natural environments, a practice that is equally valid today.
  • Achieving Your Ideal Weight (free audio)
    Fed up with dieting? There is no need to count calories and fat grams, or weigh your portions. Achieving your ideal weight can be the effortless result of living and eating well.
  • “Thyroid and Gluten” Master Class (free audio)
    Andrea Beaman, thyroid expert, natural food chef, author, and TV host, talks to Gluten Free School host Jennifer Fugo about the connection between gluten and thyroid health.
  • Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight (free audio)
    Want to eat delicious food, lose weight and have fun in the process? Listen to this for an earful of good info about real food.

Upcoming Events


07/14/14 - 07/19

Natural Solutions Health Summit: 7/14-7/19

July 14 – 19 • Online Are you ready to experience the BEST cutting-edge, natural, safe and effective, alternatives to conventional medicine to create vibrant health? Learn from the industry’s top health experts from the comfort of your own home.




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Learn how to enhance your health coaching skills to help you gain credibility and improve the health you and your clients with these free videos.

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