Eating to Improve Immunity and Strength

Thurs 1/22/15 @ 12:30pm • Online Don't let the winter drag you down with a cold or flu. Andrea has you covered on how to boost your immunity and strength this season. Join her in a one hour cooking demo covering delicious recipes you can easily make and feel your best this winter! She'll also carve out time to answer any questions you have on how you can prepare yourself for the cold days ahead! Register now to save your spot for this engaging lunch and learn!

Expand Your Knowledge to Add More Value to Your Health Coaching Business

Tues 1/24/15 @ 4pm EDT • Online Are you a health coach or wellness practitioner who needs to grow and improve your practice?

Join Andrea in a 1 hour webinar that she personally designed for those who:
- Lack confidence in their ability to work effectively with clients
- Are running out of content to attract more clients
- Need 1:1 support from a master health coach
- Stumped on how to help client(s) heal and/or prevent future disease
- Want to heal themselves naturally, and need more knowledge

If you want to learn how to work with the body on a deeper level through visual diagnosis, meridian channels and balancing the chakras, this webinar is right for you!

We'll also go into how you can effectively utilize this information to grow your health coaching/wellness business and thrive! Register Now

New Healers Master Coaching Program

Begins 1/29 • Online

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Reclaim Your Energy: An Adrenal Support Cooking Class

Mon 2/9/15 @ 6:30pm NYC Learn about foods that can exacerbate or soothe the adrenals and how simple lifestyle adjustments can reduce stress from the inside. Register Now

Nourishing Thyroid Health

Tues 3/3/15 @ 6:30pm • NYC Learn what environmental factors can cause thyroid disease, how proper diet can protect us, which “healthy” foods actually slow down or speed up thyroid function, and how Andrea successfully reversed her own “incurable” thyroid disease.

Making the Most of Herbs in the Kitchen

Sun 3/15/15 @ Time: 2:15-3:45PM • Just Food Conference 2015 • NYC
Andrea will be hosting a 90 minute workshop covering how you can make the most out of herbs in your kitchen. Learn to use culinary and medicinal herbs in delicious recipes, healing decoctions and infusions. Many common herbs have surprising health benefits that support the immune system and nervous system, as well as increase overall nutrition and enhance the flavor of food.

Conference programming will cover over 40 different topics including farm and food policy issues, approaches to urban agriculture, culinary and food preservation techniques, and community-driven efforts to advance food justice throughout New York City.

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