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Be Smart About Using Sea Vegetables…


Veggies3The human body is made up mostly of water, both fresh water and salt water. To help us maintain a healthy internal liquid environment we need to eat foods that come from the ocean.

Many cultures around the world have experienced numerous benefits from eating sea vegetables aka seaweed.

Energetically, sea vegetables are cooling (like all vegetables) and can help counteract “hot” conditions in the body such as inflammation, swelling, hot flashes, and high blood pressure.

Vegetables from the sea contain high concentrations of calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, copper, chromium, and high levels of iodine that is needed for thyroid health. Both too little iodine and too much iodine can lead to thyroid problems.

I’ve had many clients with hyperthyroid, graves or hashimotos that think they need to stop eating iodine rich foods. And, it’s not necessarily true. When I was first healing my thyroid I had both hyperthyroid and a goiter. I ate an iodine rich diet that included sea vegetables, and it helped heal my condition.

Many clients that had goiters have reclaimed a normal sized neck by including sea vegetables into their diet on a regular basis, or about one to two times per week.

One of the great qualities of sea vegetables is that they can bind with heavy metals and help eliminate them from the body.

BUT, I do want to caution against using kelp tablets. I’ve seen lots of people actually develop goiter or hashimotos thyroiditis by using kelp and other seaweed tablets. It is too much concentrated iodine at one time, and is not balanced by other foods to make it more absorbable.

Sea vegetables contain alginic acid that can bind with toxins and radioactive waste in our body and allow their elimination. According to a 1964 McGill University study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, kelp can reduce the intestinal absorption of radioactive strontium-90 by up to 80%.[1]

I had a client that came to see me for asthma, not thyroid disease. She had a dry hacking cough. We altered her diet and lifestyle and incorporated some sea vegetables to help moisten and lubricate her lungs and intestines so she could breathe easier.

She really enjoyed sea vegetables and said she was craving them like crazy, so she began eating them on a daily basis. Her lungs showed improvement and she was using her inhaler much less often.

But, three months into her new eating regimen, she said, “Something terrible has happened! My thyroid got activated again.”

I said, “Wow that’s amazing!”

She said, “No, it’s not! Five years ago I took RAI because I had hyperthyroid. My thyroid is supposed to be dead!”

I said, “You could be the poster child for how food can heal the body! The sea vegetables must have drew radioactive residue from your body and the high iodine probably made your gland start functioning again. We should celebrate!”

She said, “No! My doctor said I need to retake the radioactive iodine or I will have a heart attack.”

I said, “Awwh, your thyroid gland wants to live after being destroyed. That’s pretty darn amazing.”

The next time I saw her she told me she was too scared. She said the doctor convinced her she would die without taking RAI a second time. I gave her a big hug and told her to do what she needed to do to take care of herself.

After she had the second round of RAI, she told me felt guilty about it.

Everyone is on their own path doing the things they need to do for their own survival. While you’re healing, try not to have any guilt about anything that has happened to you or your body. Always do what you believe YOU need to do to take care of yourself.

I know sea vegetables may be foreign to some of you, but they can be a wise addition to a healing diet.

The one thing I would caution against right now is sourcing sea vegetables from Japan and surrounding areas. Since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in 2011, there have been numerous reports of high levels of radiation leaking into the ocean.[2] [3]

Even decades after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, radiation levels were still high and people suffered with high rates of thyroid cancer, anemia, reproductive disorders and weak bones.[4] [5]

Let’s send our brothers and sisters in Japan a whole heap of healing love, but let’s get our sea vegetables from cleaner waters for the time being.

Some clean sources for sea vegetables include Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Maine Seaweed from Larch Hanson and Ryan Drum Island Herbs.

You could use sea vegetables in soups, with beans, sautéed or roasted. You could even sprinkle dulse on salad.

However you decide to eat them, just listen to your bodily needs and enjoy them. They are nourishing the water element in your body as well as your endocrine system and thyroid.

Want more information about naturally healing the thyroid? Check out my Nourishing Thyroid Program and learn how to support your beautiful body on many levels to start healing.







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Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight!


At 12 years old, I wasn’t a fat kid. As a matter of fact, I was pretty skinny (that’s me on the right in the blue jeans).

But, all the girls at school were on diets, and the women’s magazines were recommending diets, and my mom was on a diet as well.

I remember thinking, “I should really go on a diet.”

My chronic dieting began by eating “diet” food and drinking diet soda. I also ate low-fat and non-fat, yogurt and cheese.

And, an interesting thing happened – I began gaining weight and didn’t understand why.

By the time I was 15 years old I had created a warped idea about food.

I remember going to my best friend’s house every day after school. Omi, her German grandmother, would prepare us the most delicious meal – Braised pork or chicken with gravy, creamy mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Twenty minutes after we ate, we would lock ourselves in the bathroom and force that homemade food out of our bodies.

I remember Omi knocking on the bathroom door asking, “Are you girls okay?”

We’d say, “yeah we’re fine,” and turn the radio louder so she wouldn’t hear us throwing up.

But, the truth is we were NOT okay. We were damaged. It was the 1980’s and we were brainwashed by the dieting industry to think eating food with fat would make us fat.

At 17 years old I attended Weight Watchers “fat camp” in Pennsylvania. It was sensible dieting. We ate meals that were very low in fat, drank diet soda, used artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, and slathered fake butter on our bread.

I remember one night at camp, I got stoned (hey… I was a teenager), broke into the food shack, and ate an entire jar of peanut butter.

Apparently, my body was craving fat.

After fat camp, I joined weight watchers and bought a food scale. I weighed and counted every fat gram and calorie that went into my mouth. Unfortunately, this made eating a laborious task.

Eventually, I grew tired of weighing, measuring, counting and scrutinizing every morsel that went into my mouth.

So, I joined Jenny Craig. They sold boxed food that was already weighed and measured. Whew! What a relief. It certainly wasn’t delicious, but it did the job and I lost a few pounds.

The interesting thing is with every diet, I initially lost weight but always gained it back…PLUS some!

I was not obese, but I was chunky. And, it seemed the more I dieted, the chunkier I became. At my chubbiest I was 149 pounds, which is not FAT. But, I’m a shorty. At 5’ 3” (and a 1/2), I was 25 pounds heavier than I am now, and I felt bloated and uncomfortable.

An interesting diet entered my radar when I was in my early 20’s. My mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. After her chemo and radiation treatments we tried something called Macrobiotics.

It wasn’t about counting fat grams or calories; it was about quality of food and how it affected the body energetically, physically and spiritually. This was an entirely new concept for me.

The diet consisted of whole grains, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds, and fruits.  It was very low in fat, so it fit perfectly with my “dieting” mentality. Eating that food made my body feel good and helped me go to the bathroom – which, as a chronic dieter, was a rare occurrence. As a result, I dropped a few pounds… literally, right into the toilet.

After mom died, I kept some of the Macrobiotic principles and my weight leveled off at 139 pounds. But, mostly I went back to my unhealthy “dieting” ways.

Finally, a gift from the gods came. At 28, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and a goiter. After watching mom suffer, and eventually die from chemo and radiation, I decided radioactive iodine was NOT an option for me (Radiate My Thyroid? No Freakin’ Way!).

I stopped the nonsense and I finally STOPPED dieting.

Instead of dieting, I focused on eating the best quality food to help my body heal.

Within the first 4 months I dropped 18 pounds. To date, I’ve never gained back that weight (almost 20 years). I don’t ever think about dieting anymore. I just eat food, real food, with all of its nutrients intact, including the fat.

Below are some steps to help you break free from a dieting mentality and lose weight.

STOP dieting:

  • Dieting deprives us of physical and emotional nutrition
  • Dieting creates dysfunctional behaviors
  • Dieting contributes to weight gain

Eat Real Food: see pictures below. This is what food looks like.

Drink Water: there is no better beverage for your body.

Ditch Chemical Sweeteners: Chemicals disrupt endocrine function, lead to weight gain, contribute to depression, and destroy brain cells. Not only that, artificial sweeteners are so unnaturally sweet they compromise the delicate palate in your mouth. No longer will a fresh berry taste naturally sweet if you eat chemical sweeteners.

Sit Down to Meals: Do NOT walk or stand and eat. Digestion needs relaxation to function properly. If you are stressed out, or walking and eating, stress hormone rises and digestion shuts down.

Move Your Body: A simple 35-40 minute daily walk can help. You don’t need to pump iron, you just need to move your butt EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you find you are stuck, here are some common dieting mistakes:

  • Eating cold foods and/or too many salads – dampens digestive fire and slows metabolism
  • Forbidding foods – the dieter becomes obsessed with what they cannot have
  • Eliminating fat – creates wild cravings and the dieter is never fully satisfied
  • Emotional eating – what are you really craving? Love? Companionship? Inspiration? Creativity?
  • Impatience – it took time to gain the weight, it’ll take time to take it off. Relax.
  • Lack of self love – if we don’t love ourselves exactly as we are, in the body we have right now, we will continue the self abuse and chronic dieting behaviors.

Stop the nonsense and stop dieting!

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