The New Healers Master Coaching Program Begins


Thurs 6/14/14 Learn how to enhance your health coaching skills to help you gain credibility and improve the health of your clients, as well as your own! 

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Date: Refer to schedule below
Cost: $1597 (retail price: $4985)
Where: Conveniently located at your computer!

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Are you a Health Coach looking to advance your practice to earn a higher income and bring more valuable information to your clients? I designed this program specifically with health coaches and alternative practitioners in mind. Students will learn how to further their knowledge, gain control of their personal health, facilitate the process of healing for clients, and create a successful career in the process. All of the information you will learn will be valuable and relevant to your career.


Program Structure

5 Modules hosted conveniently on your computer.

These modules are available to view at any time or day that works best for you.

  • MODULE #1
  • MODULE #2
  • MODULE #3
  • MODULE #4
  • MODULE #5

Presentations, action guides, and MP3 recordings will be given for students to work with on each module.


PLUS LIVE Group Coaching calls for the duration of the program!

These calls allow you to ask questions, share your thoughts and interact with me live.

  • Coaching Call #1
  • Coaching Call #2
  • Coaching Call #3
  • Coaching Call #4
  • Coaching Call #5

All LIVE coaching calls will be held at 7pm EDT and will be recorded so you can listen at your convenience.



I have a job as well as a family to juggle and was able to fit the New Healers-Master Coaching program into my schedule thanks to the recordings.

I learned a TON and was really inspired by the content and the timing worked well for me.


Aimee Peterson | Health Coach, Evergreen, CO


I am currently enrolled as a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as well as another wellness program I was able to manage the New Healers Program with my 2 other educations occurring. It was not overwhelming for me because all the information for the New Healers was available to download and to go over it again when you have more time to review is great! Being involved with IIN and the New Healers Program simultaneously reinforced much of what I have learned so far as we as gave me some great tools that I will definitely use. It was a pleasure taking this course and it made my Thursday evenings very special!

Diane Smith | LMT and Health Coach, Garden Grove, CA



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